Right Click With Touchpad Finger Tap

Right Click With Touchpad Finger Tap [ELAN Touchpads] – Lenovo Ideapad 320

Yes this is possible to use “Right Click” without use touchpad button. Just like we use Single tap with one finger on touchpad to use “Left Click” the same way we can use two finger tap for “Right Click”.

If you really want to learn this thing just follow the steps:-

  1. 1). Hit Win key + R to bring up RUN

2). Type regedit and hit Enter

3). Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Elantech\SmartPad

4). Find Tap_Two_Finger and change the value to 1 [Default value in my system = 7]

5). Find Tap_Two_Finger_Enable and change the value to 1 [Default value in my system = 0]

Note: Before proceed above steps you should uncheck the checkbox of two finger configuration as shown in below figure.


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