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Top 10 Ideas for Healthcare and Medical Industry website Design

H Healthcare is a very serious topic in day today life especially in this pandemic COVID-19.

So if anyone wants to build a website for healthcare I am here to guide you to the very important top 10 tips about Healthcare and Medical Industry website.

1. Website Interface UI and UX

As We know that you create a healthcare website for different types of users like high class, middle class and lower class all are using the same website and basically they are using the website in an emergency. Large no. of users don’t have the time to research your content. That’s why try to keep your website UI / UX well organised, neat and clean as much as possible because they can get the option in an easy way.

2. Patients & visitors Booking, Cancel and Change the appointment

With this option or features the patient can book an appointment for a particular doctor, and in the future some reason if they want to cancel that’s why Cancel Appointment must be present for the visitors.

3. Doctors, Staff & Admin Change and Cancel the appointment

In this option from the doctors and staff side anyhow a patient booked an appointment but for some reason a doctor is not available on that particular time slot in that situation an option must be available for doctors and staff so that they can change and cancel the appointment.

4. Search and Find option

Users or visitors can easily search for things from the whole website. This is a very useful feature for the customers because if the visitor is browsing your website and they are looking for any specific criteria and they are not able to find related things at time this feature is very useful for both visitors and the site owner to convert guests, visitors or patients into leads.
And at the other end the visitor can easily find their related things i.e. doctors, specialists, available laboratory testing and services etc.
Specialists / Doctors Profile.
It must be present in the Specialists or Doctors profile page, in this page all the information should be available about your specialists and Doctors. All the smallest details should be mentioned about staff, doctor, specialists and their qualification, designation and details.

5. Process and Procedures of Treatment

At least we should mention the process and procedure of the treatment. Because these the very useful steps to help patients or visitors to know about the process they can easily.

6. Visiting Hours According to the Doctors

Visiting hours should be present for every doctor and specialist so that visitors can easily know the timing for all the doctors or specialists. And they can book the appointment according to the available time slot.

7. Telehealth Option

With the Telehealth option, you don’t have to travel to hospital for your appointment so you can attend a clinic appointment via video while you are at home work or with your local Health Care practitioner type or General physician this option is very helpful specially in pandemic like COVID-19.

8. Patient Learning Hub

The patient learning hub is a section for you to access information about medicine here you will find a free interactive module to help you learn more about common medicine used to treat certain medical conditions.
This module is easy to use and has been created by the Hospital pharmacy department in conjunction with specialist doctor nurses and patients.

    • you can find out about
    • Why you need to take the medicine
    • How medicine is work
    • How to take your medicine
    • Possible side effects

9. Tips for managing medicine

We hope this module will help you to have a better and tending to your medicines and keep you actively angriest in your health. You you must be a hospital patient access is module

10. Health professionals / Career / Internships

This feature is very mandatory when your healthcare industry is so huge they have lots of sections, ward and staff, and you need to hire more staff, doctors, specialists and interns. That’s why this option must be present for new employees so that they can easily know whether the vacancies are available or not and if available they can directly apply there.


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